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Practice Makes . . . Perfect?

"Practice makes perfect."

You've heard the saying. Do something often enough, the statement seems to imply, and you'll become perfect at it.

Is that true?

It's a catchy phrase, I'll admit, but, in my estimation, it's simply not true.

Why not?

Because we're human, and mistakes happen.

And that's not always such a bad thing. It is possible to learn and grow from our errors.

For now, let's set aside the "practice makes perfect" mindset (or, rather, let's dispense with the saying altogether) and substitute a better phrase I've heard: "Practice makes permanent." The latter encompasses the idea that practice -- when done regularly and well -- yields permanent, positive results.

(Stay tuned for future posts, in which I will share strategies for fine-tuning and enhancing skill and enjoyment at the piano, for player and listener alike.)

Perfection -- not guaranteed, and not needed.

Permanent delight from playing to the best of one's ability -- sublime.

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