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Beethoven Birthday Bash 2020!

One of the great composers. A name everyone recognizes, even those who don't think of themselves as classical music enthusiasts.

Beethoven! The man who gave the world Fur Elise.

Moonlight Sonata.

The Choral Symphony, with the wonderful Ode to Joy.

And, of course (drumroll, please) Beethoven's Fifth Symphony!

We are on the cusp of a new year, and what a year it will be for celebrating this titan of the music world! Ludwig van Beethoven turns 250 years old in December 2020, and birthday bashes --- taking place in big concert halls and humble homes and music studios alike --- are in the works throughout the year.

At Piano Panorama Studio, we have lots of activities to commemorate the birthday of this teacher's favorite composer. :-) Every month something new --- join my studio and find out what!

More details coming. Stay tuned.

What is your favorite piece by Beethoven? One of the above (click on the piece titles to hear a version of each piece named), or a totally different work by the birthday man of the year?

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