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Giving Thanks for Music

Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is observed on the fourth Thursday of November. With that date rapidly approaching, I began reflecting on how much there is to be thankful for in the musical realm.

Following is a brief gratitude list of blessings I've experienced in and through music, starting off with the One who makes all these blessings possible:

G --- God, the giver of all good gifts, including music

I --- Inspiration, given to composers who in turn inspire me

V --- Voice, my first instrument, the one I was born with

E --- Expression, the capacity to convey emotion through music

T --- Time, to listen to, play, and create music

H --- Hallelujah Chorus, which needs no explanation :-)

A --- Appassionata, one of the great Beethoven piano sonatas

N --- opportunity to make a joyful Noise unto God!

K --- Kinderszenen, delightful piano pieces for young and old

S --- Songs Without Words, Mendelssohn at his most sublime

And there you have them --- ten reasons I have to give thanks for music. For what are you thankful in the sphere of music?

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