Getting Started

Free Consultation

When you inquire about lessons at Piano Panorama Studio, if I have an opening that matches your family's availability we will set up a free consultation. During our consultation --- either by phone or email, whichever format you're most comfortable with --- I will answer any questions you may have and will discuss my studio policy with you. 


If our schedules don't currently coincide, you may request to be put on my waiting list.

Enrollment Procedure

When you decide to enroll in my studio, we will set the date and time for the first and subsequent lessons. At the first lesson you will receive written copies of my studio policy and yearly calendar, as well as two forms to fill out. We'll have a brief meet-and-greet conference --- teacher, student, and parent --- followed by the introductory lesson in the remaining time. 

Most students have lessons lasting 30 or 45 minutes in the early years of study. Options for longer lessons may be available, time permitting, as students advance beyond beginning-level repertoire.

Studio Calendar

For continuity of study, there are 44 regular weekly lessons scheduled throughout the year, with 8 break weeks around holidays. Students' lesson times remain the same throughout the school year and summer.

Tuition and Book Costs

Tuition is a recurring monthly fee, independent of the number of scheduled or attended lessons.


There is no additional fee for music books and other print resources I provide to my students --- the average annual cost of materials is built into my tuition price. For the student who attends lessons regularly and practices piano at home carefully and often, advancing through the lesson books at a steady pace, this is a tremendous value!  

Additional Questions?

You are welcome to ask at any time. Also, you are encouraged to browse my blog articles for piano parents and players to read more about my philosophy of piano instruction and a whole lot more!