Holmen, WI


Getting Started

After your initial contact email or call, you will be offered a free consultation to discuss questions we each may have about your instrument set-up,  studio scheduling, fees, lesson options and approaches, and any music goals your family may have. The consultation can be by phone or over email.


If you're interested in trying out lessons at Piano Panorama, and already have a suitable instrument on which to practice (with 88 functional keys and at least one pedal), we will set up a time during the consultation to begin the 4-week Introductory Period I offer.


Lessons are held once a week, starting with 30-minute afternoon or evening sessions on weekdays. 

There are no required music books/materials purchases during this period. The student will be loaned studio resources free of charge if returned in good condition.

Here are the things we do during the Introductory Period:


Week 1:

  • meet-and-greet with teacher, student, and parent(s)

  • lesson

  • pay for Introductory Period lessons (currently $74 a month)


Week 2:

  • lesson

  • I draw up proposed study plan* and suggested lesson length (30, 45, 60 or 75 minutes) based on level

  • *plan includes goals and a list of appropriate musical resources and their prices


Week 3:

  • lesson

  • in-person conference to discuss study plan and continued lessons beyond the Introductory Period

  • continuing students purchase an assignment binder and bag to transport music materials


Week 4:

  • lesson

  • return borrowed materials

  • pay for second month of lessons (students who are continuing at Piano Panorama)