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Hello! I am Carol Lombard, piano instructor and owner of Piano Panorama Studio.


Why do I teach? To capture the moments my young students discover the joy of making beautiful music. Together we explore the dynamic expression of human emotion meeting the range and depth of sound possible on the piano; the sensitive interpretation of print music; and creative improvisation in lessons.  


Let's discuss how my lessons will inspire joyful music-making for your child! ~Carol

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Off-Bench Activities

Piano lessons at my studio include more than simply playing out of piano books. I also regularly devote time to off-bench activities that build strong musical foundations and deliver fun at the same time. Various music games; rhythm workouts like playing drums and other percussion instruments at the studio; these activities and more infuse the lesson with abundant joy in an inclusive, musically-holistic way.

  Creative Play

From improvisation to final composition, students are encouraged to experiment at the piano and create pieces that express their unique individuality. I believe in the creative spirit inherent in the human soul --- a gift to be nurtured at every stage of musical development. I love to allow students the opportunity to use their imaginations as they unlock and free the musical expression inside of them.

Favorite Repertoire

As students learn more new repertoire, they build their bank of favorite "signature" pieces --- music they have grown to love and want to keep playing over many months or years. These are their go-to pieces to play for their own and others' enjoyment. A quirky title, a reflective melody, a playful rhythm --- whatever makes a piece a favorite, students are encouraged to play it often and make it theirs!

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I was lucky to begin my studies with Carol. Through teaching sightreading and theory, she cultivated a skill set in me that others in the music field hadn't developed early in their careers, which made it possible for me to be an active, successful musician at a younger age than most and to be able to take many gigs at a time while still maintaining a high level of performance quality.


Additionally, her patience, kindness, and words of encouragement allowed me to embrace my love of music early on and assuaged any performance anxiety that a young musician could have. I cherish my lessons with Carol and truly believe that she is one of the best teachers a young student could begin his/her musical journey with! 

~Clara Byom, multi-instrumentalist, musicologist, archivist, Co-founder/Co-director of New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble, M.Mu. University of New Mexico, B.A. Luther College

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 Performance Opportunities

For students who find joy in performing music for others, I am able to offer a variety of performance opportunities through my association with various national, state, and local music organizations. I am a professional member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA); Wisconsin Music Teachers Association (WMTA); and La Crosse Area Music Teachers Association (LAMTA); and offer participation in piano events such as the following:

  • LAMTA PianoFest (Grades 6 and younger)

  • LAMTA Halloween Showcase (all ages) 

  • WMTA District, Regional, and State Competitions (Grades 1 through adult)


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