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Hello! I am Carol Lombard and I love teaching piano. Why do I teach? Because I enjoy working with a variety of students, each with a one-of-a-kind personality and individual delight in specific types of music-making at the piano. Would your child enjoy a relaxed, recreational-based piano playing experience or a traditional, mastery-based approach to lessons? Does your child find joy in creating music at the piano? Love to perform? Quietly stay on the sidelines and simply make music for himself/herself at home? I am happy to design a program that meets your child's musical needs. Call or email me and let's talk about the possibilities! ~Carol

                                          Unique Features                               
 Recreational Piano

Children and their parents who prefer a relaxed approach to piano lessons may choose recreational-based music making. The overarching goal of this approach is joy in playing, with no expectations about length or frequency of home practice. Fostering basic (not advanced) music reading that leads to the ability to play or create the kind of music in which the student delights is central to this philosophy. 

Mastery Piano

This approach aims for ever-increasing proficiency and mastery of the instrument. Students are taught a broad array of support skills in music theory, sight reading, and technique to develop high levels of artistic expression. Frequent home practice is expected most of the year. Performance is an optional enrichment. Students may also opt to compose or improvise music as part of their piano lessons. 

    New for 2020!

Join Piano Panorama in 2020 to celebrate one of the major events of the century: Beethoven's 250th Birthday! Be part of the year-long festivities that feature this beloved, iconic and quirky personality --- a titan of the music world who broke through the boundaries of classicism to forge paths of innovation that thrill music students and audiences alike. Your children will love to meet Beethoven at 250! 



I was lucky to begin my studies with Carol. Through teaching sightreading and theory, she cultivated a skill set in me that others in the music field hadn't developed early in their careers, which made it possible for me to be an active, successful musician at a younger age than most and to be able to take many gigs at a time while still maintaining a high level of performance quality.


Additionally, her patience, kindness, and words of encouragement allowed me to embrace my love of music early on and assuaged any performance anxiety that a young musician could have. I cherish my lessons with Carol and truly believe that she is one of the best teachers a young student could begin his/her musical journey with! 

~Clara Byom, multi-instrumentalist, musicologist, archivist, Co-founder/Co-director of New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble, M.Mu. University of New Mexico, B.A. Luther College


 Performance Opportunities

As a member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Wisconsin Music Teachers Association (WMTA), and La Crosse Area Music Teachers Association (LAMTA), and through association with other arts organizations, I am able to offer my piano students a variety of performance opportunities, including the following:

  • LAMTA PianoFest (for grades 1 through 6) and Halloween Showcase (all ages) 

  • WMTA District Auditions (grade 1 through adult); Badger State Competition (WMTA qualifiers in grades 4+)

  • WSMA (Wisconsin School Music Association) Solo and Ensemble Festivals (middle and high school)

  • Old Main Historical and Community Arts Center concerts with intermediate/advanced pianists

  • Other performances you choose: school, church, community --- I'm happy to help students prepare for these!

After all of the time that is spent practicing, many students find performing to be an affirming and vitalizing experience. Music taken out of the realm of the solitary --- practicing alone --- and shared with an audience becomes a gift to be treasured in both the giving and receiving.  



Holmen, WI